Daily Film Fix:
Alyssa and Athena Lobit
at the Atlanta Film Festival

Sisters "Carry" Quite a Load

ASIA Journal of
Culture & Commerce:

Filmmaker Sister Team Shares
Their Personal Story on the Screen
(p. 16)

San Diego Asian Film Festival:
Q&A with Alyssa and Athena Lobit

Atlanta Film Festival:
10 Questions with
Alyssa and Athena Lobit

Alyssa Lobit: Casting Myself

SDAFF Woman in Film:
Alyssa Lobit


“…well-made and rich in emotions, proving yet again that
there's plenty of talent outside of the Hollywood system.”
– G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

"...an excellent piece of cinema told in a brutally honest undertone."

- Jerod Williams, LA Splash Magazine

"...an outstanding drama and feels like a career-making moment for Lobit."
- Jeff Marker, Gainesville Times

"...a thoughtful, moody glimpse into the dynamics between
family members whose lives revolve around another's addiction."

- Sylvie Kim, Hyphen Magazine

“Lobit naturally delivers Emmie… Kresge’s portrayal of Eve, the
'good sister,' like Lobit, is subtle and well executed.”

- Teresa Alvarez, Atlanta Examiner.com

"moving... sincere... wise"
- Michael Dunaway, Paste Magazine

"...an excellent film..."
- Rick Stemm, Dane 101

"...artfully articulated..."
- Joanna Chlebus, Feminist Review

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